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Baby's Story
Baby's Story
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This is my story…

Baby is a fawn colored female, born to Precious and Barky. When she was 6 weeks old she was adopted to a lady whom was supposed to give her a warm loving home. For the first few days everything was ok…

Things took a turn for the worse after that. Baby was fed a little once a day and the beatings had begun. The owner called and sounded concerned because Baby was having seizures and would not eat or drink anything. We arranged to pick up the puppy to see exactly what her condition was and found her so weak she could not even hold her head up. We brought her home with us Saturday night. Baby was then worked with and force fed around the clock. She was making no forward progress and was taken to our vet for examination. She found that Baby had been beaten and starved. The beatings had also caused internal bleeding. Baby was given a shot to stop the bleeding and also was given a blood transfusion from a donor at the office. We were advised not to return her to her adopted home. The woman who had adopted Baby showed up at the vets’ office and was questioned by the Dr. while we were present. After the questioning was over we were thankful that Baby was surrendered into our care.


Baby is now 6 months old and after a long hard start she is perfectly healthy. We decided because of the way she was treated by her previous owner that she would remain in our home and not be adopted out again. Kevin, the fourth of Kathy’s children, became the new care taker of Baby. Still in the custody of K&K Breeders, she will live a long, healthy, happy, loving life.

3 weeks

Kevin and Baby
August 4, 2004