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Cinnimon's Story

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Cinnimon's Story

This is my story…

I was bought for Kelly as a Christmas gift in 2000. I became very attached to the family and insisted on sleeping on the bed with her. Soon we moved into a new house where there was more room to wander around and play with the other chihuahuas. In 2001 I gained a new playmate, Kelly and Alvaro had a baby girl, Jasalynn, and when she was old enough I got to play with her and sleep at her feet. Jasalynn started walking and as soon as she got good at it, she began to carry me around. In 2002 I got pregnant, it was a hard delivery and I didn’t know what to do, I lost my baby. Kelly and Alvaro had a baby boy in 2003, Adrian, he isn’t old enough to carry me or play with me, but I still check on him and sleep at his feet every once and a while. February 2, 2004 I went into labor, and pushed for 6 hours, I was taken to the vet, my puppy was 8 1/2 inches long, too long to keep trying to push out, my temperature rose to 104, and my little girl was gone. On February 3 the vet performed a c-section and spayed me. I wanted babies so much, but it was impossible for me to have them. My family loves me very much, as I love them. I still have 2 little ones to watch after, and more than enough love to last a life time.